A recent article in The Guardian highlights how Britain’s native plants give some amazing flavours.  One specifically they mention is the incredible pepper dulse – a type of seaweed.  Its intense peppery flavour is really quite spectacular.  However, as a very small growing plant, and found in sporadic patches along the shore, access to this species is not easy, and which therefore makes it difficult and expensive to harvest.

Osmundea pinnatifida / pepper dulse

The culinary impact of seaweeds is all around.  From Michelin Star restaurants, to the standard kitchen cupboard, seaweed is playing an increasingly important part in our daily diets.  The focus is that the right seaweeds are a natural and extremely healthy ingredient to use in foods and drinks, and that can taste really good.

For this reason, Seaweed & Co. have developed Organic Naturally Oak Smoked Seaweed Ingredients, providing a highly nutritious, highly available and sustainable seaweed, which offers superb smoky flavours.

Smoked Seaweed Ingredients are immensely versitile. Using just a 1/4 to a full teaspoon in stews, sauces, soups, on eggs and more, these Smoked Seaweed Ingredients provide wonderfully  aromas and flavours, and huge nutritional benefits.  Seaweed Ingredients are already used extensively to replace salt, and so the addition of smoky flavours can further enhance the ability to boost flavours and reduce the need to salt in foods.

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Where do Smoked Seaweed Ingredients come from?

The seaweeds used are all sustainably wild harvested in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.  Then, they are dried and milled using proprietary techniques and technologies to produce extremely high quality seaweed ingredients in the form of powders or granules. This core Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum seaweed is sold into food, health and nutrition markets for salt replacement, nutritional enhancement, enabling EU Approved Health Claims, and also research shows its ability to tackle aspects of obesity and diabetes.

To add further value to these core seaweed ingredients, the seaweed is Naturally Oak Smoked in BRC and Organic facilities to result in the superb Smoked Seaweed Ingredients.  A range of smoking options are possible to provide differing levels of smoking, and even different types of woods.

Seaweed & Co.’s Naturally Oak Smoked Seaweed Ingredients are used by The Food Doctor brand, and which was highlighted as the example product showing Seaweed to be the Number One Trend for 2017.

To find out more about our seaweeds, and specifically our Smoked Seaweed Ingredients, please get in touch.