Naturally Innovative Seaweed Ingredients 

The PureSeaTM range offers superb quality seaweed to the food and nutrition markets.  Sourced from pristine Scottish waters, and based on International Patent Pending technologies, our PureSeaTM ingredients offer multiple benefits for your products.


PureSea Natural

Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum Seaweed

PureSea Smoked

Naturally Oaked Smoked Organic Scottish Seaweed

PureSea Protect

Micro-encapsulated Hebridean Seaweed
Our PureSeaTM range of naturally innovative ingredients enables you to benefit from seaweed in almost any food, beverage and nutrition application.


The PureSea Seaweed range of ingredients offers numerous benefits including… 
These functional benefits are in addition to the fact that seaweed is an on-trend food and ingredient that consumers increasingly want to see.
PureSea ingredients are natural and sustainably sourced, Organic and Kosher certified, with exquisite provenance in the pristine Scottish Outer Hebrides.


Naturally umami boosting flavour, to replace salt and add new flavour dimensions


A wide range of natural nutrients, enhancing products with key minerals and other nutrition


A natural iodine source, enabling EU Health Claims, well researched and address endemic deficiencies.

Obesity & Diabetes

Leading research showing benefits to help manage weight and blood sugar release.

Unique Supply

Sustainably wild harvested around the pristine Scottish Outer Hebridean islands, our unique seaweed supply is based on our International Patent Pending technologies.

The PureSeaTM manufacturing facility is the only SALSA food safety accredited B2B seaweed supplier, and our products are Organic and Kosher certified.

All our products and applications are market driven, with proven benefits via independent University research.

Our ingredients are distributed globally, and Seaweed & Co. was the winner of the Federation of Small Businesses’ Exporter of the Year in 2018, and Finalist for the NutraIngredients Awards in 2018.

Quality Assurance

Independent analysis has demonstrated
the high quality of our core PureSeaTM ingredient as compared to other leading brands on key measures.
Our investment in quality assurance is further demonstrated in our DNA Authenticated seaweed innovations.  This ensures absolute transparent traceability, and an online system that gives you all batch information, and even takes you all the way back to the name of the person that cut your batch..

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