PureSeaTM products

PureSeaTM is a range of naturally innovative seaweed ingredients for the food, beverage and nutrition markets. All our products are market driven, with proven benefits via independent University research.


PureSea Natural

Our core Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum Seaweed.  Used extensively for salt replacement and flavour boosting, as well as providing nutritional enhancement, and as good natural source of iodine enabling EU Approved Health Claims.  Research shows huge potential for weight and blood sugar management. Available as fine (under 400 microns) and medium granules (0.4-1.5 mm)

PureSea Smoked

Based around our core PureSeaTM Natural, PureSeaTM Smoked offers all the same benefits, plus superb smoky flavours. Ideal for snacks, meat, fish and a wide range of savoury applications. Available in a range of smokes, and as fine (under 400micron) and medium (0.4-1.5mm) granules.

PureSea Protect

Based around our core PureSeaTM Natural, PureSeaTM Protect offers enhanced nutrition with protection of key nutrients during digestion.  Also, with no flavour or aroma, it also protects your finished products from the more savoury flavours of our other PureSeaTM ingredients.  Ideal for beverages, sports nutrition, powder blends and far more.  Available as a powder (100-210microns)

Bursting with
PureSeaTM Health

Published scientific studies have shown potential of our selected seaweed for…
With broader nutrition than land-plants, seaweed contains a huge range of minerals, trace elements, vitamin groups, amino acids and essential fatty acids as a basis for inclusion into a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.