Eating seaweed could help the planet according to an article in The Financial Times. Seaweed superfood to superhero, is triumphing innovation in the food, health, medicine, and renewable energy industries to name a few.

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Why do we need seaweed superfood to superhero?


As pressure for space on land increases, researchers are looking for alternate and innovative ways to produce food. From lab grown meat to sonic-enhanced food some ideas can seem farfetched. However seaweed, as a forgotten food that was a staple in many parts of the UK, provides a promising and sustainable source that doesn’t seem quite as radical as insect meatballs.

A report advising the European Commission stated “We have to find new ways to feed a fast-growing population”. The 7.3 billion of us here today could become 9.8 billion by 2050 and, these mouths are getting harder to feed sustainably as intensive farming is losing us 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil a year. Seaweed, in comparison, only needs sunlight, carbon dioxide and seawater to grow. No soil, no fresh water, no fertiliser. The farming of seaweed is on the increase and unlike farming on land; this could be beneficial to the environment and climate change!


How? Seaweed superfood to superhero?


Harvesting and eating seaweed is not a new concept. Seaweed has traditionally been harvested by hand from the shore before we were farming a large variety of crops. As a food, seaweed is nutritionally rich and can provide a natural source of iodine. Containing (gram for gram) more magnesium than spinach, more calcium than milk and more potassium than banana, it not only delivers amazing flavours but several EU approved health claims too. Now, seaweed farms are needed in order to sustainably meet rising demand and globally, the farming of algae is the fastest-growing food production industry in our oceans.

Seaweed is a carbon sink – In 2012, research led by Antoine De Ramon N’Yeurt at the University of the South Pacific suggested that converting 9% of the world’s oceans into seaweed farms would capture 19 gigatonnes of CO2 a year (by way of seaweed superfood to superhero with boat, submerged, production, harvest, sustainable, healthycontext, humanity’s net emissions have been estimated at about 37 gigatonnes).

More seaweed farms will not only aid in tackling climate change but by reducing ocean acidification and promoting biodiversity it is favourable for marine life too.


Where can I get seaweed?


Here at Seaweed & Co. we harvest from the sheltered and pristine sea lochs of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. With pristine waters and DNA testing of every batch you know that what you’re getting is high quality and traceable.

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