Re-discovering a forgotten food. A wonderfully healthy & tasty way to get seaweed into your life, and in a way you’ll love.
Seaweed isn’t weird – it’s wonderful!

BUrsting with puresea Health

Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful range is an extremely easy way to incorporate seaweed into your everyday life and gain from its many health benefits.
Published scientific studies have shown potential of our selected seaweed for…

With broader nutrition than land-plants, our seaweed contains a huge range of minerals, trace elements, vitamin groups, amino acids and essential fatty acids as a basis to a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.


Wonderfully healthy and tasty PureSea goodness


A forgotton food
with untapped potential



Be inspired and discover the benefits of seaweed in your life


You’ll be amazed with our Weird but Wonderful facts


“As a marine biologist and wild-seaweed harvester, I am passionate about bringing all the wonderful benefits of seaweed into your life, in a way that you’ll love. My vision is to see everyone able to enjoy and benefit from seaweed in their life.
There’s nothing weird about seaweed – it’s wonderful!”

Doctor Seaweed

(aka Dr Craig Rose)

Effortlessly benefit from seaweed’s PureSea goodness in your life. Improve your health and nutrition, explore superb flavours, and discover something not weird but wonderful…