We want to answer all of your seaweed questions, so get in touch if we’ve missed anything!

Q: How is it harvested?

A: The harvesting machine (almost like a big floating lawn mower) cuts the top 1-2 feet off the floating seaweed at high tide. The lower half is left to ensure re-growth and a site isn’t re-visited again for 2 years. This makes our harvesting sustainableQ

Q: Are nutrients lost during drying etc?

A: Seaweed & Co. have specifically designed a patent pending harvesting, drying and milling process in order to retain maximum nutrient content and cause less damage to the seaweed structure than other traditional processes.

Q: On the outer packaging it states that Weed & Wonderful capsules provide 0.35 mg of iodine, however according to the NHS an average adult only needs 0.14 mg of iodine a day. Why are the capsules higher?

A: The iodine levels are recommended and assume you get all the iodine you take in, but different foods have different bioavailability. With the seaweed a lot of the iodine is bound within the fibres, and so is broken down more slowly for a more sustained release. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition concludes when studying our source of seaweed that if you are replete in iodine then you will excrete what you don’t need from the seaweed.

Q: If I have thyroid issues can I have seaweed?

A: Studies have suggested that seaweed’s iodine content may be beneficial to those with under-active thyroid however, it is always best to consult with a health professional before taking supplements of any type.

Q: If I’m pregnant can I have seaweed?

A: Yes! There have been many studies indicating the benefits of iodine on fetal development. Take a look at this OMYoga special – Weed & Wonderful for mums-to-be! And have a read of our dedicated blog on the benefits of seaweed during pregnancy.

Q: Is all seaweed edible?

A: All seaweeds, or marine algae, are edible however, some are more popular due to their availability or ease of consumption. Keep an eye out on the ingredients list of seaweed supplements, as many producers use unnecessary fillers/bulking agents. Here at Weed & Wonderful our capsules contain nothing but natural, organic seaweed!

If you’re thinking of going wild harvesting yourself, it is best to use a guidebook or go on guided tours with experts.

Q: How do I use seaweed?

A: We understand that a big plate of seaweed may be a bit daunting…but we want to show everyone that seaweed isn’t weird – it’s wonderful!

That’s why we’ve made it incredibly easy to use by infusing it into organic rapeseed oil. With a high smoke point it’s great for cooking with or simply drizzling over salads and veggies – plus the flavours are AMAZING! Or for a quick fix our seaweed capsules will provide you with a boost of brilliant nutrients and minerals. More nutritional info.

Q: Where can I buy it?

A: Online from our website! Or in store at Planet Organic and Wholefoods Market

Any more seaweed questions? Get in touch – we love talking seaweed!