After a great article in Food Ingredients (Seaweed: An Ocean of Opportunity), we were delighted to see it was Number One as the most read story for several days!

Seaweed Food Ingredient - Most read article

The article heavily featured our very own Dr Craig Rose talking about Seaweed & Co., and the immense opportunity for seaweed food ingredients. This was a huge achievement for us, and for seaweed, and is proof indeed of the title of the article itself.

We have long known that seaweed food ingredients tick many boxes, addressing  market opportunities and demand.  These include:

  • Seaweed for salt replacement and flavour enhancement
  • Immense nutrition
  • A safe natural source of iodine
  • The potential to tackle issues of obesity and diabetes

All these benefits are in addition to seaweed being a sustainable, natural whole food, which is very much on trend.

Our Seaweed Food Ingredients

We have developed products that are extremely easy and convenient to incorporate into a wide variety of foods, beverages and nutritional supplements.  These seaweed food ingredients are sustainably wild harvested, low temperature dried and milled.  This uses our proprietary techniques and technologies, which are absolutely unique to our seaweed supply.  Furthermore, independent analysis has demonstrated that, when compared to similar seaweed supply of the same species, ours are higher on key measures on quality.

Even the colour of our ingredient differs from any others we’ve seen of the same specification.  We believe this is due to the lower temperature and more gentle processing of our distinctive systems.

Seaweed & Co. Superb Seaweed Food Ingredients

In addition to great quality product, our accreditation system includes traceability unmatched by any other company.  We can tell you via a customer login area the details of harvest, with location maps, and even the names of the harvesters. Furthermore, we have developed in our supply chain DNA Authentication of our seaweed, which is an industry first for seaweed food ingredients.

The opportunities are immense, and we hope that the article that appeared in Food Ingredients gives you insight into the industry and what we are doing.  The fact that it remained as the number 1 read article for several days, is testiment to the interest and opportunity.

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