Showcasing Doctor Seaweed’s new Weed & Wonderful range, we exhibited at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show.  Doctor Seaweed impressed Holland & Barrett judges in just a 2 minute pitch, and resulted in us winning a listing in this mega health food retailer!

The Weed & Wonderful Range

Seaweed isn’t weird, it’s wonderful! A delightful nautical theme, superb products and, shall we say, disruptive branding brought intrigue and adventureWeed & Wonderful to our stand at the Natural Organic Products Europe show. Visitors were invited to taste our organic seaweed infused rapeseed oils, with superb flavours and so easy to use.

Firstly our Pure Scottish Seaweed Infused Oil, with mild umami flavours of the sea, proved extremely popular and was pictured as a delicious accompaniment to fish dishes, salads and dressings. The firm favourite of the show was our unique Smoked Scottish Seaweed Infused Oil, with positive reactions comprising of ‘that’s amazing’, ‘wow…WOW’ and ‘it tastes like home’. This oil, along with our Intense Smoked Seaweed Culinary Essence, garnered interest with many vegans and vegetarians as a great way to add a smokey and umami flavour, often lacking in veggie options, to tofu or vegetables (as well as being ideal with meats and fish for the omnivores too!).

Of big interest at the stand was the health benefits of our Organic Hebridean Seaweed supplements, filled with nothing but 100% seaweed and encased in an organic, Kosher and vegan capsule. Many visitors were well aware that iodine is an essential nutrient, but were often surprised at the levels of iodine deficiency in the UK, and that seaweed (of the right type!) is such a good natural source and packs a punch of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids as well!

Weed & Wonderful

Oh My God I Can’t Believe It – Ricky Wilson Visits Weed & Wonderful!

During the show we were joined by our celebrity guest! After chipping in to spread the word, and handing out samples, the Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson announced the winner of our seaweed survey. In case you missed the live video you can check it out on our Facebook page here.  Ricky is also a lover of our seaweed infused oils, commenting “the flavour is spectacular, like nothing you’ve tasted before, yet wonderfully familiar “.

Weed & Wonderful

Weed & Wonderful Wins!

On the second day of the show, down from 105 entries, 6 exhibitors were given a chance to wow Holland & Barrett executive buyers (including the CEO!) with just a 2 minute pitch! As one of these exhibitors, Doctor Seaweed impressed with our range explaining why our amazing seaweed products should be on their shelves. Sampling our Smoked Scottish Seaweed Oil, the delicate smoking tied in with the infusion of the seaweed’s umami flavour resulted in many ‘smiley face’ votes in the audience after the pitch. And it was clear the buyers enjoyed it too, as we were announced winners of a listing with the company!



Hopefully you’ll be seeing our products on the shelves soon! Until then you can buy from our website and get more information.