Teenagers who use seaweed to make a treat food were recently named Youth Entrepreneurs of the Year in an Irish competition.

This exciting story is so inspiring to see, when seaweed for food and health is used in a novel way.  It highlights the immense potential seaweed has to offer as a sustainable food, and with huge economic benefit


The versatility of the 10,000 species of seaweeds there are globally is untapped, and the more people we can get educated on seaweeds’ many benefits for food, health and nutrition the better.  Doctor Seaweed would love to see more and more people taking our seaweeds and others to use in a wide variety of products from sweet to savoury, and healthy to treats. The possibilities are endless for seaweed as THE sustainable future food.

Remember, seaweed is a forgotten food, as in we all used to eat it at some point in our cultural past.  But now, in the West at least, it is considered innovative.

Innovative uses of seaweed include seaweed for salt replacement. Amazing companies such as Eat Balanced use seaweed in their pizza bases to replace salt and add nutrition.

Others such as Atlantic Kitchen and Mara Seaweed are seeing their seaweed based products launched nation-wide, and becoming more and more mainstream.

Seaweed is quickly being remembered by us all as it is undoubtedly the sustainable, healthy food of the future. Whether you are interested in seaweed for salt replacement, seaweed for nutrition, or some of seaweeds’ other benefits such as weight management and as effective prebiotics, we hope you will get in touch to discuss ideas on how we can support you from Sea to Store.