This week saw Kaiser Chiefs front man, Ricky Wilson, battle it out in the bake off tent to impress the judges and raise money for Stand up 2 Cancer. – And what does he choose to entice them? Seaweed on The Great British Bake Off!

His first bake was a wholemeal smoked seaweed scone, and after gliding through the preparation his scones impressed even Paul Hollywood. The famous baker complimented the umami flavours and hint of seaweed, branding them as tasting ‘fantastic!’

Why does Seaweed Matter on The Great British Bake Off?Seaweed on The Great British Bake Off

With increasing popularity it isn’t only a positive that seaweed is being used for taste and flavour enhancement on TV, but there are essential nutrients in seaweed that are becoming more and more vital. Recent reports are highlighting that iodine deficiency is ‘no longer just a third world problem’, with emphasis on the importance of the nutrient for pregnant women and young children. Linked to thyroid health, maintaining metabolism and cognitive function, it is important to include iodine into our diets as we cannot synthesize it ourselves.

How can Seaweed help?

It is not particularly well known that certain seaweeds, along with white fish and dairy, can be good natural sources of iodine. Seaweed contains all minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium which can make it a valuable addition as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Seaweed, as a vegan marine source of iodine, can be extremely versatile with Seaweed & Co’s ingredients being applicable in everything from breads to smoothies to sausages.Seaweed on The Great British Bake Off

For example, the smoked seaweed that Ricky Wilson so successfully used on The Great British Bake Off gave a superb smoky and umami flavour boost. However if you are looking to benefit from seaweed’s nutrition yet don’t want any flavour, Seaweed & Co offer a micro-encapsulated powder that has neutral flavour and aroma.

So if the thought of eating seaweed isn’t your cup of tea there’s now no excuse to not include this superfood into your bakes!

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