The biggest health food trends of the coming year have been revealed by Symrise, and unsurprisingly seaweed makes the list

 Health Food Trends

By exploring health trends, food habits, global influences and ingredients from all around the world, Symrise has created an elite list of the most influential health food trends and healthy lifestyle trends for the coming year.

And that’s right: seaweed makes an appearance!

Seaweed trends aren’t new. Earlier this year reports named seaweed ingredients as the number one plant power trend of 2017. The report also featured The Food Doctor’s Corn and Smoked Seaweed Coated Edamame Bead as the example product (and this happens to be the same ingredient supplied by Seaweed & Co.)

Here at Seaweed & Co., we’re ecstatic to see the brilliance of this miraculous sea plant being recognised as a health food trend. Over the past few years, seaweed ingredients have grown hugely in popularity – making their way into mainstream brands and major retailers – and it’s easy to see why.

Seaweed has a lot functional benefits as a natural sustainable wholefood, so it’s no wonder it’s become a health food trend. The benefits of Seaweed & Co.’s high quality seaweed ingredients include:

          A healthy alternative to salt for flavour boosting

          The potential to help manage weight and blood sugar levels

          A natural source of iodine, enabling EU Approved Health Claims

          Containing key nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and calcium

Seaweed &Co.’s seaweed ingredients are traceable, sustainable and completely natural, sourced from the pristine lochs of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. The innovative production techniques involved in harvesting our produce mean that our seaweed offers multiple nutritional health benefits.

At Seaweed &Co., we’re always supporting the development of products which highlight the benefits of seaweed, so it’s no surprise that seaweed is proving so trendy, and making it onto health food trend lists like Symrise’s.

In the past few months, major supermarkets and other chains have started offering items which feature seaweed as an ingredient. Even Sainsbury’s is jumping on board the seaweed chain, who recently launched their delicious and nutritious Sea Greens and Grains Broth soup – which includes seaweed as an ingredient.

In the last almost two decades, there has been a rapid growth in coverage of seaweed in the media – in fact it’s risen over 600%! So what does this tell us? It tells us that more people than ever are curious about what seaweed can do for them, as members of the public search to find what exactly seaweed ingredients are, the benefits of seaweed ingredients and how to use them. Seaweed is finally getting the status it deserves as a health food trend!

All seaweed is good, but some is just better when it comes to health food trends…

Seaweed & Co. harvests only the highest quality seaweed ingredients. Our seaweed ingredients will enable you to meet the market opportunities currently available of providing healthier, sustainable and natural products.

Seaweed & Co. also offer inspiration for all the fabulous ways you can use seaweed in their website. From recipes to advice, there’s so much you can do with this miracle plant!

And as always, any seaweed questions? Talk to the Doctor!