Companies are starting to understand that seaweed is a superfood – and with good reason!

seaweed is a superfood

Recently, people have been catching on and realising that seaweed is a superfood. In fact, it’s one of the best superfoods around. Doctor Seaweed® is here to tell you why…

Reports by Innova Market Insights show a 10% increase in global supplements containing seaweed ingredients. Global product launch activity involving seaweed ingredients has also grown consistently since 2011.

This means that more people keep discovering that seaweed is a superfood. Aquaculture, or farming the ocean, has seen the seaweed demand soar in worldwide production as an organic source of nutrients and as a salt replacer. In fact, worldwide cultivation of seaweed currently exceeds 25 million metric tonnes.

Whilst the West is just beginning to realise that seaweed is a superfood, the East has known that seaweed is a superfood for many centuries. This results in a nice variety in uses of seaweed ingredients worldwide. From North American Sports Powders to salty snacks in Asia, to healthy supplements across Europe – seaweed is being put to use in different places and in different ways!

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting ways seaweed is being used by brands, as they realise that seaweed is a superfood.

Holland and Barrett know that seaweed is a superfood!

Holland and Barrett launched alternative eggs – yes, eggs! – made from algae earlier this year – high in fibre and half the calories of hen’s eggs! They’re made from algal, an ingredient derived from water-dwelling algae.

TerraVia know that seaweed is a superfood!

TerraVia are beginning the distribution of AlgaVia across Europe: their brand of Whole Algae ingredients. This line includes two products in particular: Lipid-Rich Whole Algae and Protein-Rich Whole Algae. The former could replace eggs and dairy fats in foods like baked goods, drinks and desserts. This can remove calories, saturated fat and cholesterol while at the same time maintaining taste and texture.

Protein-Rich Whole Algae contains 63% protein and all the essential amino acids. It can be used in beverages, baked goods and protein-enriched snacks for before and after exercise.

Frutarom know that seaweed is a superfood!

Frutarom is a natural ingredient company which has been dabbling in microalgae for a few years. At the minute, they’re working on some new strains of microalgae to support the growth of natural ingredients in cosmetics, but they are always exploring when it comes to proving that seaweed is a superfood.

I Love Seaweed know that seaweed is a superfood!

Just two I Love Seaweed seaweed capsules a day provide essential nutrients such as iodine, calcium, potassium and iron.

I Love Seaweed use only the highest quality seaweed from Seaweed & Co. With over 10,000 species around the world, you need to know you’re getting the best. Sourced from the pure waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, this particular species of seaweed is traceable and sustainable, and both I Love Seaweed and Seaweed & Co. use Patent-Pending ingredients.

All this goodness provided by Seaweed & Co. goes into I Love Seaweed capsules, which work to improve your health and give your body the stuff it needs.

Here’s why seaweed is a superfood…

Seaweed is a superfood, and that’s because of all the great benefits it has for your health. It can help manage weight and blood sugar levels, can help improve the quality of your skin and hair, and is an amazing source of iodine – helping tackle the UK’s growing iodine deficiency.

Remember all seaweed is good, but some is just better!

Get in touch with Doctor Seaweed® to learn more about the different ways that seaweed is a superfood, and what it can do for you.