A recent article in Food Navigator USA reports experts saying algae and seaweed ingredients still have huge potential

Seaweed ingredients offer a plethora of benefits for the food, beverage and nutrition markets.


The article highlights how there has been aspects of over promising and under delivering, specifically in the micro-algae industry. It states that  seaweed ingredients still have huge potential. Entrepreneurs didn’t always anticipate the technical challenges.  Furthermore there were distractions (and still are) with a focus on algae for biofuel.  The need to fulfil higher value food, nutrition, biomedical markets is where the opportunity is before we reach biofuel levels.

Many of the benefits of micro algae and macro algae (seaweed) ingredients are laid our in the article, including medicine, proteins, nutrition, low calorie etc.  Many of the big challenges we face, from sustainability of food supply to addressing malnutrition, obesity and diabetes can all be solved with seaweed ingredients.

Scalability of production systems, of a high quality has been a barrier also. The economics must work.  At Seaweed & Co. we focus on wild harvested species and have invested in supply chains that can maintain sustainability and have huge potential to grow.  From 1kg to 10,000 tonnes, we know we can deliver.  In addition, we are leading cultivation projects on species that don’t have a long term or scalable sustainable future from wild harvest.

Seaweed ingredients still have huge potential

Despite many successes, it is true that seaweed and algae and seaweed still offer huge opportunity to address market demands. These opportunities are yet to be realised for a number of reasons.  The main contrinutor to the article, Prof. Mark Edwards, concludes by saying “I remain enthusiastically optimistic about the algae industry. Within five years, consumers will have algae biproducts choices in nearly every food category.  Algae foods can br produced as “Freedom Foods,” free of consumption of fertile soil, freshwater, fossil fuels, inorganic fertiliser or agricultural pesticides or poisons. These foods will deliver superior nutrition and taste without pollution or waste.”

The Benefits of Seaweed Ingredients

Seaweed ingredients have multiple benefits.  So long as the right source, quality assurance, supply chain traceability and analysis is available, you can be confident of success.

Our seaweeds offer numerous benefits and potential as seaweed ingredients including:

  • Salt replacement and flavour enhancement
  • Nutritional boosts
  • Safe, natural, good source of iodine
  • Research demonstrating potential for weight and blood sugar management

Seaweed for salt replacement

We continue to innovate with our seaweed ingredients, and have an expanding range for the food, health and nutrition markets.

The recognition by industry experts and academics of the continued potential of algae, and the breadth of aspects of our lives they can benefit in a sustainable way is highly encouraging.

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