Here at Seaweed & Co., we are absolutely delighted to see our seaweed ingredients recognised as the NUMBER 1 Trend for 2017.  A recent report highlights Plant Power Trends, with Seaweed Ingredients as the number one.  This report features The Food Doctor’s Seasoned Corn and Smoked Seaweed Coated Edamame Bead as the example product (and it is our Smoked Seaweed Ingredients)

seaweed ingredients number 1 trend for 2017

Seaweed and seaweed ingredients have, over the past few years, been highlighted as THE food of the future.  Increasingly we are seeing seaweed in major retailers and mainstream brands.  This is due to the many functional benefits offered from seaweed ingredients, and the fact seaweed ingredients are on-trend as a natural, sustainable wholefood.

The functional benefits of our unique seaweed ingredients include:

  • Salt replacement, and flavour boosts
  • Nutritional Enhancement
  • Natural Iodine Supplementation, enabling EU Approved Health Claims
  • Potential in weight and blood sugar management

All these benefits come from seaweed ingredients that are clean label, natural, sustainable and sourced in Scotland.

Our proprietary and innovative production techniques result in seaweed ingredients that offer multiple health and nutrition benefits, excellent flavours, and ease of application across many food, beverage and nutritional categories.

With seaweed ingredients on trend for 2017, now is the time to really push the development of products that benefit from seaweed.

In the past year or so, every major supermarket in the UK has launched and stocked products based around seaweed.  These include soups in Sainsbury’s, fresh seaweeds in Tesco, biscuits and condiments in Marks and Spencer, plus many more examples.

Furthermore, in the past 15 years or so, we have seen a rapid growth in media coverage of seaweed of over 600%.  This coverage indicates public interest in reading more about the benefits of seaweed ingredients, how to use seaweed, what it is and much more.

Applications of Seaweed Ingredients

With applications from baked goods, snacks, soups, smoothies, capsules, green blends and more, the right seaweed ingredients are easy to include and offer multiple benefits to your products.

Seaweed & Co. has developed a range of seaweed recipes to inspire on just how easy it is to include seaweed ingredients into your products, whether working in a small café, a large restaurant chain or a manufacturer supplying globally.

Our seaweed ingredients will enable you to meet the market opportunities currently available of providing healthier, sustainable and natural products.

Please contact us for application ideas and examples, and any other seaweed questions you may have.