Here’s a little reminder of International Joke Day that this year was on the 1st July!

Seaweed benefits your Humour

Why was the sand wet?… Because the Seaweed!


Why did the Seaweed?… Because he saw the Crab dressing!


Where does seaweed look for a job?… In the ‘Kelp-wanted’ ads!


Why did the Algae and Fungus get married?… Because they took at Lichen to each other!


What did the beach say to the sea?… ‘Long tide, no sea’!


Did you hear about the Lobster at the disco?… He pulled a muscle!


Mum: what did you buy from the shop?

Son: Seaweed! I just couldn’t Kelp myself!


What does the seaweed say when its stuck to the bottom of the sea?… ‘Kelp! Kelp!’

Now Seaweed has benefited your humour… what are the reasons seaweed benefits your health?

Seaweed is the food of the future! At Seaweed & Co. we want to help you understand seaweed, use it, and love it!

Our seaweed has exceptional flavour, can replace salt, offer health and nutrition benefits, and has the sustainability potential to feed everyone. Research shows it can help manage weight and blood sugar levels, improve the quality if your hair and skin and is an outstanding natural source of Iodine.

Get in touch with Doctor Seaweed via our website or social media to find out more (and tell us a few more jokes…)!