As the New Year begins, there are a plethora of articles on seaweed benefits for a healthy start to 2017.  This is true all around the world. From the UK, to India to South Africa.

Seaweed Benefits in 2017

These seaweed benefits include helping address weight management, which is so often the New Year burden after an indulgent Christmas period.

Research on seaweed benefits has shown that key seaweeds, and their specific compounds, can aid with weight loss and management in a few different ways.  These include:

  • Fat Absorption: Research on specific seaweed polysaccharides has shown that there is inhibition of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fats.  This means less fat is absorbed, and more just passes through the body and is excreted.
  • Satiety: Research on these polysaccharides has shown that their natural gelling agent, and delayed stomach emptying may result in actual increased feeling of fullness. A paper published on this highlights that those eating seaweed enriched bread ate significantly less calories at a subsequent meal as compared to those eating a control bread.
  • Blood sugar management: Research on specific seaweed polyphenols has shown inhibition of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates. This means that carbohydrates are broken down more slowly, which means a slower release of sugars to the blood.  It could be regarded as similar to eating a slow release food like porridge versus a high sugar food like milk chocolate that gives an initial high spike in blood sugar, and then a crash which may make you hungry again.
  • Metabolism: Iodine is a key trace element present in seaweeds. Ensuring the right species from the right supply is very important for safety and quality purposes, and to ensure the iodine levels are understood and appropriate.  Most women in the UK have a diet insufficient in iodine.  This can result in a range of health concerns, and having sufficient iodine will contribute to a normal functioning metabolism; key in ensuring weight loss and management.

Could Seaweed Supply Make you Thinner?

These New Year seaweed benefits are just a selection that are highlighted around weight and blood sugar management.  Seaweed benefits also include a plethora of other nutrients and compounds that can have health benefits.

This is in addition to some great flavour options, and the wide use of seaweed to replace salt.

Furthermore, seaweed of the right supply, is highly sustainable, and can be part of the solution to feeding an ever increasing population, in a natural and healthy way.

Other Seaweed Benefits

Seaweed has multiple benefits, and is one of the few natural resources that meets all the “mega-trends” of food, health and energy – i.e. all the things we will always need to survive and prosper. As discussed above, seaweed benefits are wide and varied for food and health.  The seaweed benefits for energy includes use for biofuels, where seaweed and/or microalgaes are processed for bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-methane and more.  Providing energy in the forms of liquid and gas from sustainable sources will be essential in the future.

Another of the seaweed benefits, is the use of seaweeds for innovative materials.  Artists and designers are increasingly finding ways to make all manner of products using seaweed in 2017, and seaweed derived extracts.

Seaweed & Co.’s Seaweed Benefits

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