Inspired by the sea, creative brewers have come up with the idea of making a seaweed beer.

If you are not surprise yet, what would you say about seaweed gin?

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Seaweed booze may sound a little odd, but long ago seaweed was seen as an essential ingredient in beer and whisky making! It was added in the last minutes of the boil and gave a unique, and great, taste. Back in these times people really enjoyed the flavour – and it turns out they still do.

According to people who have tasted these seaweed drinks, this dark beer is malty, roasty and savoury and reminds of Scotch ale.

Another unusual experience is a sip of seaweed gin. Seaweed, as any natural and sustainable ingredient, makes gin more interesting and diverse and gives an unexpectedly nice flavour.

Therefore, after a successful attempt with a seaweed cheese flecked, an owner of a Welsh distillery decided to give seaweed gin a try. He says that it “still smells like a true gin, but has a whiff of the seaside, a ‘salty air’ quality”. Marjoram, tarragon, parsley and thyme are other elements that complement seaweed in the recipe.

Or… If you fancy a recipe for a seaweed cocktail, you can find some here

Personally, Doctor Seaweed is a fan of the Kelpie Ale.

All over the world people are getting familiar with seaweed benefits, incorporating seaweed into food and drinks. Seaweed & Co is always happy to help you understand seaweed, its nutritional benefits and applications.