Food Matters Live is the only cross-sector event in the UK that brings together the whole of the food and drink industry, to enable collaboration and innovations to support a sustainable food landscape in the future. Find out more about Seaweed at Food Matters Live below.

Seaweed at Food Matters Live

Food Matters Live

It is a free event, that enables the collaboration of the government, these working in nutrition, food service providers, retailers and food and drink industries.

Taking place in London’s ExCel from the 21st – 23rd November 2017, Food Matters Live will include:

·         800 leading organisations taking part in an exhibition

·         400 speakers, in conferences and seminar sessions

·         100 free to attend, conference and seminar sessions

·         A host of special events, including ‘Meet the Buyer’ and the Food Matters Live Awards

Who is there?

Who isn’t there?! The list of conference and seminar speakers is very impressive.

The three headline speakers are, Justin King, Heston Blumenthal and Susan Greenfield. Justin King is the former CEO of Sainsburys, who will discuss his views on successful leadership and the opportunities and challenges for food retail in the future. Heston Blumenthal, will share his mission to enthuse the next generation on cookery, nutrition and food science. Susan Greenfield is one of the world’s leading authorities in neuroscience, and she will explore the relationship between neuroscience, creativity, and brands.

There will be hundreds of seminar speakers speaking on numerous topics from ‘The Future of Food Retail’, to ‘Tackling Obesity’, to ‘Packaging: Innovating through Design’. Speakers from: Sainsburys, Ella’s Kitchen, Public Health England, Pepsico, Vita Coco and of course… Seaweed & Co.!

Seaweed at Food Matters Live

Seaweed at Food Matters Live

Dr Craig Rose has spoken on Seaweed at Food Matters Live, since the event’s formation! Once in 2015 and in 2016!

Craig will be speaking again at the 2017 event, at two seminars and he will chair one of these:

·         Chairing seminar on: Innovative weight management ingredients: latest R&D – speaking on, seaweed nutrients to aid weight and blood sugar management. (Tuesday 21st November 3.35pm-5pm)

·         Seminar on: Emerging ingredients and impact on product innovation – speaking on, exploring opportunities for innovation and nutrition in seaweed. (Wednesday 22nd November 10.30am-12pm)


It’s free to register for the event, so sign up today and come and see Seaweed at Food Matters Live. To keep up to date with the latest Food Matters Live news before the event, sign up to ‘Table Talk’.

Craig will be the event on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd, if you would like to further discuss Seaweed at Food Matters Live, get in touch to arrange a chat (or don’t hesitate to grab him for a coffee!)