Seaweed & Co. only delivers a safe seaweed supply of the highest quality, and now they’re extending their reach even further

 safe seaweed supply 

Dr Craig Rose has been managing director of Seaweed & Co. since founding the company back in 2015. It’s his mission to share a safe seaweed supply with the world, with a dream of everybody understanding the benefits seaweed can have on their overall health and wellbeing.

Well, it seems that dream has come a huge step closer!

With ERDF funding administered by the Department for International Trade behind the action, Seaweed & Co. is preparing to break into the South Korean market with their safe seaweed supply.

This DIT support has been vital in helping Dr Rose carry out the essential market research and business exploration necessary for ensuring the move into the South Korean market goes as smoothly as possible and leads to the highest quality produce and service.

The inclusion of South Korea to Seaweed & Co.’s list of buyers puts them alongside Europe, Israel and the US in a group of major world players benefitting from Seaweed & Co.’s safe seaweed supply.

The seaweed produce itself travels a long way to get to these countries, as Seaweed & Co. only harvest their safe seaweed supply from the pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, after which it is carefully prepared, dried and exported using Patent Pending production systems to ensure it remains pure and high quality. This helps Seaweed & Co.’s safe seaweed supply boast a larger number of health benefits, such as being a high source of iodine and acting as a healthier salt replacement.

So what does Dr Rose want everyone to know about seaweed, and why is he so passionate about delivering a safe seaweed supply?

Speaking to Chronicle Live, Dr Rose discussed the work of Seaweed & Co. and its efforts to branch out overseas. When asked to sum up the aims and work of Seaweed & Co., Dr Rose said that the company offers a safe seaweed supply which can be used for “adding flavour, replacing salt, boosting nutrition and allowing EU Approved Health Claims on products.”

He went on to say that Seaweed & Co. is “actively involved in a lot of research with universities like Newcastle University on aspects of weight management and diabetes.”

Describing the role of the DIT support, Dr Rose said it helped in “understanding aspects of export and dealing with companies overseas, how things get funding to go visit, overseas opportunities and really giving some confidence in developing export markets.

“I would recommend the DIT to other businesses. It does give confidence to a company to have someone there advising, pointing you in the right direction.”

Seaweed & Co. prides itself on its high quality safe seaweed supply…

The passion of Dr Rose for his safe seaweed supply shows the importance of branching out into other markets when it comes to sharing the numerous health benefits of high quality seaweed ingredients.

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And as always: any questions, ask the Doctor!