Seaweed & Co. has developed and invested in innovative and novel techniques and technologies to produce their high-quality and Patent Pending seaweed ingredients (GB1702881.2).

Patent Pending Seaweed Ingredients


Developing Patent Pending seaweed ingredients has taken world-class expertise and implementation of technologies to produce food grade seaweed ingredients.

The innovation of Seaweed & Co. has resulted in our Patent Pending seaweed ingredients being used by the largest food manufacturers in the UK, and in products on the shelves of every supermarket in the UK, and nutrition companies around the world.  This has been possible due to the extremely high quality, transparent traceability and sustainability of our supply chain.

In independent testing, carried out in UKAS Accredited laboratories and validated as part of University research, our Patent Pending seaweed ingredients have proven to be higher on key measures of quality as compared to other supplies of the same species.

The specialist technologies, more gentle processing and full analytical traceability are key aspects to our proprietary seaweed ingredients; allowing for consistent quality and scalable production.

However, the innovation is not stopping any time soon…

Building on our Patent Pending seaweed ingredients, further innovations are already in place.  These include our Naturally Oak Smoked Organic Scottish Seaweed, which provides all the health benefits of our core seaweeds, in addition to superb smoky flavours.  In fact, this ingredient was selected as the example to highlight seaweed as the Number One Ingredient for 2017.

Other innovations are coming soon…to be launched at Vitafoods 2017.

The benefits of Patent Pending Seaweed Ingredients

Seaweed is THE future food.

The species and supply we focus on is sustainable and scalable into the 1000s of tonnes.  With our techniques and technologies, we can provide a level of year-round consistency of quality not possible from other suppliers.

  • Our Patent Pending seaweed ingredients offer multiple benefits including
  • Salt replacement and flavour
  • Nutritional enhancement from a natural multi-mineral source
  • EU Approved Health Claims due to safe, natural sources of iodine
  • Potential in weight and blood sugar management

For more information on our unique products, and Patent Pending seaweed ingredients, please get in touch.