Sea Greens and Grain Broth’ marks an exciting new addition to Sainsbury’ soup range

Sainsbury's seaweed soup sea greens and grain broth

Sainsbury’s super new seaweed soup: “Sea greens and grain broth”

Seaweed Soup? Really?

Yes, really! Seaweed soup may sound odd to some, but it’s bang on trend – and for good reason. 2017 is the year that seaweed is in as the number one power plant superfood. This delicious seaweed soup takes all the great health benefits that high quality seaweed offers and mixes it in with a whole host of other healthy ingredients like quinoa, kale and edamame beans to create a tasty, filling and nutritious meal. Sea Greens and Grain Broth brings the best of both worlds to mealtimes!

Sea Greens and Grain Broth proves that seaweed soup can taste good – and everyone we know who’s tried it loves it. The genius of Sainsbury’s seaweed soup is that anyone can enjoy it. In our busy lives, it’s difficult to find the time to cook with healthy ingredients like seaweed, but this Sea Greens and Grain Broth delivers a quick, easy meal that tastes good and does good.

What Makes Seaweed Soup So Healthy?

Sainsbury’s Sea Greens and Grain Broth uses only the finest quality seaweed, making this superfood even more super.

The secret to this soup’s numerous nutrition and health benefits is the seaweed that is sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides and carefully processed to get the most nutrition value.

Why Eat Seaweed?

So what are these nutrition and health benefits that eating seaweed delivers?

It’s Flavour Boosting: The Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum seaweed used in the Sea Greens and Grain Broth can boost flavour, reducing the need for as much salt. The umami properties of seaweed give it a savoury flavour, making it perfect for enhancing the flavour of other foods. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a common flavour enhancer, and was originally derived naturally through seaweed to make flavours stronger. So that’s one reason why Sainsbury’s new seaweed soup tastes so great!

It Has Nutritional Benefits: It’s impossible to stress the nutritional benefits of seaweed enough. Gram for gram, it’s a powerhouse of nutrients compared to other foods. It contains all the minerals, amino acids, and vitamins groups. This makes Sea Greens and Grains Broth, with its blend of other healthy ingredients too, an ideal addition to a balanced diet.

It’s a great source of Iodine: The right type of iodine comes from a safe, natural source – and that’s exactly the kind you’ll find in this seaweed soup. The small portion of seaweed included in Sea Greens and Grain Broth contains enough iodine to make one bowl provide all sorts EU Approved Health Claims such as:

  • Normal Growth in Children
  • Normal Energy Yielding Metabolism
  • Normal Cognitive Function
  • Normal Functioning of the Nervous System
  • Maintenance of Normal Skin
  • Normal Production of Thyroid Hormones
  • Normal Thyroid Function

Iodine deficiency is growing problem in the UK. This makes the UK one of only two high-income countries in the world with an iodine deficiency problem, so seaweed is more important than ever.

It May Help Weight Management: The superior seaweed found in Sainsbury’s seaweed soup is supplied by Seaweed & Co. The Medical School at Newcastle University carried out research on this seaweed and found that the compounds of polyphenols and polysaccharides contained within it help manage and slow blood sugar release. Not only this, they may increase feelings of fullness and reduce the amount of fat you absorb. This exciting research continues today with government funding in partnership with Innovate UK, and suggests that there are even more seaweed benefits yet to be discovered!

Where Does My Seaweed Come From?

It’s important to know where your seaweed comes from, as there are around 10,000 different kinds across the globe. Any seaweed used as an ingredient must grow in known and safe waters. Rest assured that Sainsbury’s only uses the very best, making sure they get the safest, most sustainable, and most nutritious seaweed for every pot of soup.

The seaweed found in Sainsbury’s new seaweed soup is supplied by Seaweed & Co. Their seaweed is harvested in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland using specialist vessels, and dried and milled using their Patent Pending technologies. This tried and tested process takes place in a dedicated seaweed factory, and ensures a high quality, food grade, fully traceable and safe food ingredient every time. That’s why, with the Sea Greens and Grain Broth, you know you’re getting the highest quality seaweed ingredients!

For more information on Seaweed & Co.’s process and products, and on this superb seaweed soup, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.