We all want to find new ways to get healthy. One way is to get inspiration from other cultures. Japan encourages healthy living, so what can we learn from them about different ways to get healthy?


Ways to get healhty

Japan has one of the longest living populations in the world. Doctor Seaweed® is looking for new ways to get healthy, so we turned our attention east to see what makes Japan so healthy, and how seaweed fits into it all.

New ways to get healthy include… walking!

Japanese citizens might not be in the gym every day pumping iron, but their daily life tends to involve a lot of walking, which is one of the simplest ways to get healthy.

There are almost 215 million licensed drivers in the US, showing just how much Americans rely on their cars to get around. In Japan however, most people use public transport, and all that moving between trains, travelling to platforms and walking to work from the station means people are getting up and walking a lot more than if they were sat in a car.

And there are loads of great areas for walking in Japan, even in big cities like Tokyo. Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Park are popular spots for exercise, and there’s even a ‘pedestrian paradise’ on weekends which involves several major city roads being shut down for vehicles.

New ways to get healthy include… biking!

Over 70 million people in Japan own a bike, and over 10 million bikes are sold every year. Bikes are a staple of Japanese culture, and one of the most popular ways to get healthy.

But that’s not all! You don’t even need to own a bike to use cycling to get healthy in Japan. Many city-dwellers take advantage of bike sharing systems so that they can reserve a bicycle on their smartphone or tablet and use it to get around the city.

It’s novel ideas like these which we can inspire us, and help us find new ways to get healthy.

New ways to get healthy include… thinking outside the box!

Speaking of novel ways to get healthy, Japan implements a lot of unique cultural features which help keep its population fit and well. One such feature are the Onsens, or hot springs, which can be found all over the country.

Rich in minerals, these natural springs are designed for residents to use and can help soften skin, relieve pain, improve circulation and reduce stress. The healing properties of water are so popular they even have a name: balneotherapy.

One of the most popular hot springs resorts is Kusatsu Onsen, which has used by Prime Ministers and Emperors in the past. It’s yet another example of the fresh thinking used in Japan to find new ways to get healthy.

New ways to get healthy include… seafood and seaweed!

Japan is famous for its diet, which encompasses a lot of seafood. Seafood has a lot of amazing health benefits, like reducing the risk of heart disease by up to 36%, and therefore helps keep the people of Japan healthy.

Japanese cuisine also involves a lot more seaweed than ours, and seaweed contains necessary vitamins and minerals to help boost your overall health. It’s also a flavour booster, making it one of the tastiest ways to get healthy!

Remember: all seaweed is good, but some is just better!

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