Doctor Seaweed knows how seaweed is changing our future. Firstly, as it is sustainable, it doesn’t require land or fresh water to grow, so it can become the food of the future, growing fast, being highly nutritious and easy to include in your diet. Secondly, algae can be a source of carbon-neutral biofuel.

This article explains another reason why seaweed will become an inevitable part of the future – and very soon.

In a nutshell, Fredrika Gullfot, a Swedish seaweed entrepreneur, suggests that algae can be a great source of omega3.

Seaweed omega 3 nutrition benefits

Omega3 fats are extremely important for our health. Furthemore, as the industry of food supplements is becoming more and more popular, it is estimated that people spend as much as 2.6 billion dollars a year to get enough omega3.

It is not very surprising as it has plenty of benefits (just like seaweed!)

  1. It is said to benefit your heart health.
  2. It can regulate your cholesterol triglyceride levels (high triglycerides could increase the risk of various heart diseases)
  3. Omega3 fats are seen as necessary for proper functioning of the neurons and improving nerve transmission.

Where do you get Omega3 from what does it have to do with seaweed supply?

Omega 3’s main and  most widely available source is fish and fish oil. So the 2015 problem is 80% of fish stocks may be fully exploited.

For instance, an ordinary jar of omega3 capsules takes several hundreds sardines to be produced. And demand is growing fast

According to Fredrika Gullfot this may lead to an ecological collapse and that’s why, she is willing to improve the situation in our environment for the better.

The fact is that we get 2 percent of omega3 fats from algae while there is a possibility to increase this number by 25 percent. She adds: “Algae is a great biotechnological platform and likely to be even more important for the future”

Do you think seaweed supplied nutrition has a great future potential?

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