The Internet is full of stories about this incredibly healthy seaweed that tastes like bacon, so Doctor Seaweed wants to highlight this news story and reveal more details.

Seaweed Bacon - healthy and less salt

Nowadays seaweed and its nutrition may seem the holy grail of vegetables for vegans and those who are aware of the many benefits seaweed can supply such as salt replacement. Now with a seaweed tasting like bacon, we can expect that this seaweed discover may easily unite vegetarians and bacon lovers!

You may eat many seaweeds fresh, as well as frying it (also in strips, just like you would fry bacon)

Those who have already tried to do that claim that fried seaweed bacon is crispy, delicious, has a strong savoury, umami, and salty taste while its smoked version is considered to be even more bacon-like!

Oregon State University researchers experimented with red seaweed that grows extremely quickly (nearly double their weight every ten days).

Chuck Toombs, a professor in OSU’s business school calls seaweed ”God’s vegetable” as it is not only a sustainable carbon sink, but it’s nutritional benefits are that it is also is packed with various vitamins and minerals … and now when seaweed tastes like bacon it’s definitely a super(tasty)food!

This type of seaweed is said to help clean the oceans and take up carbon dioxide.

Thus, some people are ready to try it for the sake of the planet, but I suggest to try it for the sake of the taste as well! According to the researchers, we may well get an opportunity to see seaweed bacon on our supermarkets’ shelves soon as Oregon University MBA students are now working on a marketing plan for a new product line.

A lot of chefs are now trying to incorporate bacon seaweed to various dishes, they go as far as making seaweed bacon chips with ice-cream.

Of course, as well as being a sustainable, healthy and tasty alternative to bacon, seaweed also will be far lower in salt than real bacon. Salt replacement with seaweed in a wide range of foods, is something Doctor Seaweed writes about often, as it offers huge scope to reduce our sodium intake, and boost the nutritional contents of foods.

The most important thing to keep in mind is seaweed has to be harvested and processed in a sustainable, safe and high quality manner, and to preserve its nutritional benefits. Seaweed & Co. has developed proprietary techniques and equipment for the harvesting and processing, and also accredits sources from around the world to ensure proper analysis, and working with customers from Sea to Store.

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