Channel 4’s Superfoods programme was aired this week in the UK, and confirmed (what we’ve know all along!) that seaweed is a superfood!!

Seaweed superfood is something that has been highlighted many times before.  In this programme the seaweed superfood attributes of weight management and reducing fat absorption were highlighted

Seaweed Superfood

Presenter Kate Quilton explored the benefits of seaweed, with particular focus on the weight management and fat reducing capabilities of seaweed.  During this focus on seaweed superfood, Kate visited Dr Matthew Wilcox of Newcastle University.  Dr Wilcox demonstrated how specific compounds in seaweeds can reduce fat absorption, which could lead to weight loss.

Dr Wilcox is a research collaborator with Seaweed & Co., and a member of our Expert Panel.

Watch the programme here…

Interestingly also, Kate visited Japan to see how seaweed there as a staple food is eaten.  There was a plethora of options ranging from some really tasty, to some rather strange!

From visits around a cafe in the UK, it was clear that Western tastes are not yet ready for a big slab of seaweed on their plate.  However, used as an ingredient within foods, such as sausage, baked goods, soups and more, seaweed superfood offers huge potential as a true “superfood.”

Seaweed Superfood

Seaweed & Co.’s unique supply and quality is leading the market with our seaweed, as dried and milled ingredients, with multiple benefits including:

  • Replacing Salt and Boosting Flavour
  • Enhancing Nutrition
  • Enabling EU Approved Health Claims

Along with Dr Wilcox, we are leading research on the weight management and blood sugar management potential of our unique seaweed supplies and technologies.

The format of our seaweed ingredients ensures ease of use in a wide range of food, beverage and nutrition products so they can benefit from this seaweed superfood, and its many attributes.

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