We already know that we can use seaweed for beauty, and now predications say that it will be a top trend in 2018!seaweed for beauty

Seaweed for beauty – but why?!

We know that the environment and weather can negatively impact on our skin and hair, so let’s use sources from the environment to help repair and restore them!

Seaweed is full of nutrients that can benefit you in and out of your body as well as providing beauty from within.

Six Reasons to use Seaweed!

Here are six reasons that have been reported on why the top trend for 2018 will be using seaweed for beauty for the inside and outside of your body:

1.       Sun Protection

Seaweed works alongside your normal sun care routine as it contains UV-absorbing compounds that studies show can help to reduce the effects of UV radiation on your skin and hair.seaweed for beauty

2.       Moisturising

Seaweed contains iodine, and our seaweed has a EU approved health claim for source of iodine which contributes to the maintenance for normal skin. It also contains zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium which are important for beautiful skin.

3.       Detoxing

Seaweed may detox your skin and your body. The iodine in seaweed may help the natural detoxification process that occurs in the skin, to get rid of heavy metals and environmental toxins.

Natural foods are better for us than processed foods which can contain additives, flavourings and other ingredients that are not good for us. Seaweed is a natural food and is often used on detox diets for seaweed for beautysmoothies and juices.

4.       Cell restoration and repair

Certain seaweed extracts may be able re organise your cell membrane structure and help to restore then making your skin healthier according to some reports.

5.       Free from all bad products

Seaweed is a natural product, that can be cultivated or wild harvested. Our seaweed is wild harvested in pristine waters using sustainable systems, it is then dried, milled and ready to use – a very simple process! No additives or flavourings!

6.       Prevent ageing seaweed for beauty

It is clinically proven that certain aspects of seaweed protect you skin from free radicals and hydrate your skin resulting in few signs of ageing. According to 2009 Nobel prize winner Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, the nutrients in seaweed can also help to maintain and lengthen the Telomeres in your body which aids anti-ageing.


What are you waiting for? Make seaweed part of your routine today! Your body, health, skin and hair will thank you!

Remember that seaweed is good, it’s just that’s some is better! And of course, the amount of benefits you get from seaweed depends on the quality of the product. Our seaweed is sustainably harvested using patent pending processes from the pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides – ensuring excellent quality and superb products!

To find out more get in touch with Doctor Seaweed today for advice on applications, and to see how you can get the benefits of seaweed for beauty and seaweed for your body.