FutureFest is coming – the weekend of 17/18th Sept 2016, and our own Dr Craig Rose is speaking on the future uses of seaweed and other amazing stuff!

FutureFest is set to be a mind-blowing weekend of talks and immersive experiences.

FutureFest with Seaweed & Co.'s Dr Craig Rose talking on future uses of seaweed

Its a huge honour to be sharing a stage with some incredible speakers, thought leaders and brilliant minds.  These include Brian Eno, Will Self, Caroline Lucas MP and many more.

The talk, titled “You Seaweed, I See the Future”, hopes to be an insightful journey into the huge potential of what the uses of seaweed will bring to the world.

Unlike any other natural resource we know of, seaweeds can address all the ‘mega-trends’ of sustainable supply of food, nutrition, health, lifescience applications and energy provision. Its quite incredible.

So what are some of these uses of seaweed

Seaweed is a broad term.  Actually part of the much larger group of algae, seaweed is marine macro algae.  Globally there are around 10,000 species, with a huge plethora of applications.

These uses of seaweed already cover a mass of food applications, with seaweed ingredients used for salt replacement, nutrition, iodine sources, weight and blood sugar management.  Seaweed ingredient extracts are used on a huge scale for food thickeners, laboratory uses and much more besides.

Other extracts of seaweeds can, and will increasingly be used for biomedical benefits, including antiviral, anti tumour and other treatments.  Many of the compounds in seaweeds remain understudies, and offering huge potential.

In terms of plastics for packaging and other uses, seaweeds have been shown to able to offer great, and sustainable alternatives.  Scientists and artists alike have been working with seaweeds and making some amazing creations.

Seaweed Lamp Shade - Amazing uses of seaweed

Amazing Uses Of Seaweed, such as this lampshade by Tel Aviv designer Nir Meiri

Longer term, mass cultivation of seaweeds should make energy generation viable.  Converting seaweeds to biofuels is known to be feasible, and so the next stage is enabling a large scale sustainable supply.

We are always happy to talk seaweed, and so please get in touch to discuss any aspects in more depth.