Seaweed Recipe

Fresh pasta made with seaweed

This delicious recipe is a great way to incorporate seaweed into all your pasta dishes.

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Doctor Seaweed

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Vegans (option)
Meat Eaters!

Adding seaweed into Pasta is a great way to benefit from the added nutrition without really knowing it’s even there!

Even better use slightly larger seaweed granules and all your pasta will have an interesting green fleck throughout. Why not see who can guess what it is!



This recipe include 2/3 tbsp of our PureSea Natural

200g strong white flour

2 eggs whisked



2/3 tbsp Seaweed

Olive Oil


Soft goats cheese / ricotta / Cooked spinach



Sift flour onto a wooden board or work surface with the seaweed powder, ensure they are mixed. Make a well in the flour & add in the whisked eggs, using your hand begin mixing in flour from the edges to the egg mixture. Gradually incorporate all of the flour into the egg and need for approx. 10-15 mins. Chill in the fridge wrapped in cling film for 1hr. For tagliatelle pass the dough through a pasta machine. Dry the pasta either on a tray or on a drying rack, dry only until no longer tacky, but not until brittle. For tortellini roll and cut into circles. Put a spoon full of goats cheese or ricotta and some cooked spinach in the middle of the round and seal the pasta together using an egg wash. Pinch together the ends to form a circle. Cook the pasta for 3 minutes in salted boiling water and serve immediately. Enjoy!an hour until the rice is also soft to the bite. Serve with lemon wedges on the side of the pan.



Seaweed Health Benefits

Iodine is an essential trace element that is lacking in many diets, and is particularly important during pregnancy.  In the diet, iodine contributes to:

o Normal development in children
o High energy yielding metabolism
o Normal cognitive function
o Normal thyroid function

Research shows specific compounds in seaweed can help manage blood sugar and the feeling of fullness. You may have noticed no salt in this recipe! Seaweed is used to replace salt and enhance flavours.


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