M&S have followed the 2018 trend for seaweed by using Seaweed & Co.’s innovative seaweed ingredients in their own branded products as well as stocking other products containing our seaweed, meaning even more seaweed in M&S!

STAG Biscuit range Seaweed in M&S

Stag bakery has a range of seaweed biscuits, oatcakes and shortbread.

They perfectly balance Sea Salt and our Hebridean Seaweed, to create a delicious unique taste for their biscuits.

The Stornoway Seaweed Water Biscuits have won three gold stars and made top 50 status in the 2013 Great Taste Awards!! So, they must taste good!

Even BBC Radio 2 Food Correspondent Nigel Barden has reviewed them and thinks they are tasty!

Seaweed in M&S is available in to buy through the Stag Bakery range and can be purchased at most stores.

New Products with Seaweed in M&S Seaweed in M&S

You can now get even more seaweed in M&S with their NEW ‘Japanese Inspired Duo, Wasabi Peas with Soy, Ginger and Seaweed Edamame Beans’. We may be a little biased, but this snack is delicious, it is worth popping down to your local M&S to purchase them!

Hopefully there may be more seaweed in M&S soon so watch this space…

What are the benefits of seaweed?

Seaweed can be used as a salt replacement for flavour and shelf-life extension. It is incredibly nutrient dense, enhancing the nutrition of your food. Research has shown that consuming seaweed may increase satiety, aid weight management and help with blood sugar regulation.

These nutritional benefits of seaweed are just some of the reasons why being able to purchase seaweed in M&S, in a form that is ready to eat and delicious is brilliant news!

How to use seaweed ingredients for yourself

Our seaweed is available in a powder and granule, and these recipes show you how easy it is to add seaweed to your foods – www.seaweedandco.com/seaweed-recipes/.


If you want to know more about our seaweed ingredients or seaweed in M&S, get in touch with us, via the website, social media or give us a call!