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Seaweed Recipe Videos

To support our ever expanding range of seaweed recipes to suit all diets (and all including seaweed!), see below a selection of inspirational, quick and easy recipes to help you understand how to use seaweed in the home, food service and maunfacturing.


Seaweed Soda Bread

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Coconut, Honey and Seaweed Scones Recipe

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Seaweed Savoury Power Bars

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Seaweed Fried Chicken

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Seaweed Paella

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Thai Crab & Seaweed Cakes with Raita Dip

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Seaweed Savoury Biscuits with Parmesan and Poppy Seeds

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Fresh Pasta with Seaweed Recipe

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Lamb and Seaweed Meatballs

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We hope that these quick and easy seaweed recipe videos will inspire you to give seaweed a go.

It is so simple to incorporate, and then benefit from our Hebridean Seaweeds in a wide range of food, beverage and nutritional product manufacturing.  The benefits of our Hebridean Seaweed, and other seaweeds we can supply, are multiple.  These seaweed benefits include

  • Salt replacement and flavour boosts
  • Nutritional enhancements
  • A good, safe natural source of iodine (enabling EU Approved Health Claims)
  • Research demonstrating benefits for obesity and diabetes

These seaweed benefits are in addition to it being a natural wholefood and sustainable ingredient, and innovative and on-trend.

Seaweed recipes are increasingly popular, and the ones developed and shown in these videos and on our seaweed recipe page, demonstrate the ease of use in normal everyday foods, and as part of special diets too.

We hope you will get in touch to talk seaweed, and see the potential and benefits of seaweed in your products.