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What we do

Quite simple, we sell seaweed from the seashore

In actual fact, it is a bit more complex than that, as whilst all seaweed is essentially good, some is better, and our seaweed is superb!  This is due to our impeccable Patent Pending seaweed supply chain, techniques and technologies, and expert platform that ensure the quality, safety, traceability, consistency and sustainability of our raw materials.
The high quality and uniqueness of our seaweed ingredients relies on our locations, technologies and techniques of getting seaweed from the sea to the finished product, with the appropriate testing, analysis and research.
Our seaweed supply and the applications of our products are all backed up with experience, expertise and meticulous research.
We appreciate that seaweeds and their many uses are new to lots of people, and so we work with you all the way from Sea to Store… on supply, product development, marketing and regulatory approval where required.

Our seaweed addresses market demands, and opportunities including:

  • Salt replacement
  • Enhancing nutritional profiles
  • Enabling EU Approved Health Claims
  • Weight and blood sugar management
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability

To understand more read Why Seaweed and get in touch for our fact sheets.

Our Products

Our “Seaweed&” product range offers a selection of superb quality seaweed ingredients, with multiple benefits for the food, health and nutrition markets.
Our primary focus is on seaweeds sourced and processed using our Patent Pending (GB1702881.2) techniques and technologies based in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. The pristine waters, world-class expertise, and unique technologies ensure you get outstanding quality, which is unacheivable by any other seaweed supplier.
Our core range, and related products, are the only global source of DNA Authenticated Seaweed TM, analysed by independent UKAS accredited laboratories, and with full and transparent traceability.

Our Hebridean Ascophyllum Seaweed is our most popular.  This highly scalable and sustainable seaweed offers numerous benefits including salt replacement, nutritional enhancement (containing all the minerals and trace elements) and as a good source of natural iodine.  Furthermore, it has been widely researched with benefits for weight and blood sugar management.
Our fully traceable accreditation system, and Patent Pending and gentle processing ensures high quality, scalable and consistent production for this natural wholefood ingredient.
It is found at the lower range of the intertidal zone, and is abundant around sheltered shores. Commonly referred to as Egg Wrack or Knotted Wrack in Europe, in North America it is often referred to as ‘kelp’, even though not one of the Kelp species.
Available in fine and medium sized granules.

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Our Hebridean Fucus Seaweed is a well known product, with the common name “bladder wrack”, and traditional uses in nutrition and weight management.
This sustainably harvested seaweed offers product distiction, and some nutritional differences to our Hebridean Ascophyllum Seaweed, particularly being lower in iodine; although still a good source and with a wide range of minerals and trace elements present.
Our fully traceable accreditation system, and Patent Pending and gentle processing ensures high quality, scalable and consistent production for this natural wholefood ingredient.
Available in fine and medium sized granules.

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Our Naturally Oak Smoked, Organic Scottish Seaweed  offers a superb smoky flavour.
Based around our core seaweeds and their associated quality and accreditation, Seaweed& Smoked provides a very appealing ingredient for use in a wide range of foods, with superb flavours and the nutritional benefits of our distinct seaweeds.
Available in a variety of smokes and particle sizes.
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Seaweed& Protect

Seaweed& Protect offer all the benefits and more of our core seaweed range, based on Patent Pending production, and the world’s only DNA Authenticated Seaweed supply.

Micro-encapsulated Hebridean Seaweed Powder
 Protects finished products from typical seaweed flavours
Protects key nutrients during digestion*

*Based on independent University research

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Seaweed & Co. seaweed product rangemore to come…

Keep in touch as we are constantly innovating with new research and product developments.


In addition to our core range, we work with suppliers and factories around the world to offer a wide range of seaweed species, related products and dedicated blends.  We are expert in the sourcing, supplying and accreditation of seaweed.

Other species can be supplied in a variety of formats, including:

  • Fucus species (Bladder Wrack, Serrated Wrack, Spiral Wrack)
  • Ulva species (Sea Lettuce)
  • Palmaria palmata (Dulse)
  • Undaria and Alaria (Wakame)
  • Saccharina latissma and Laminaria species (kombu, kelps)

Others are available, depending on the time of year, and quantity required.

In addition to our food grade seaweed, we also supply a range of agricultural and animal grade seaweeds, which have a range of benefits.

The best thing is to get in touch and ask more. We love to talk seaweed.

Our Research

Seaweed & Co. and our partners are actively involved in a wide range of seaweed research projects and engagement activities.  These include formulating foods and drinks with seaweed for taste and nutrition, the benefits of seaweed for blood sugar release and weight management, investigating gut health benefits of seaweed, and how to sustainably harvest and cultivate seaweed in the future.
Our expertise and advise is being used to help understand and accredit the safety, nutrition and quality of seaweeds from around the world.
This is in conjunction with the likes of Newcastle University’s School of Marine Science, and the Institute for Biosciences, Glasgow University Medical School, The British Phycological Society, and the Scottish Seaweed Industry Association.

All this research is applied in our products, ensuring you have the best seaweed ingredients, and can be at the cutting-edge of their potential for your markets.

Read Doctor Seaweed’s blog, which seeks to inform, educate and intrigue on the many benefits of seaweed. We invite you to engage with us via the blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter  to stay informed and learn more about all things seaweed!