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News and Thoughts

Seaweed & Co. has had some incredible media coverage.  See a selection here, in addition to our own seaweed news, thoughts and information blogs written by Dr Craig Rose (and learn more from @DoctorSeaweed).

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Latest news and thoughts from Doctor Seaweed

The Organic Industry is Booming – Great News for Organic Seaweed!

The demand for organic produce across the world is increasing at an exciting rate! This is excellent news for our own organic seaweed. Here Doctor Seaweed® will explain why… Drivers for Organic Food Growth Figures from the Soil Association state that you can now buy organic products from over 8,000 outlets, including major retailers. Research […]

Support for Seaweed

The North East Business and Innovation Centre’s (BIC) Innovation Programme has provided support to Seaweed & Co. to expand on our unique seaweed powders to reach a wider market and provide much needed health benefits. The BIC’s Innovation Programme help SMEs across the North East to realise their innovative possibilities. With this support from BIC’s programme […]

Seaweed at FI Europe

Dr Craig Rose will be speaking on Seaweed at FI Europe (Food Ingredients Europe) in November. FIE is a 3-day conference (28th-30th Nov 2017) that considers the issues shaping the global food and beverage market, through many presentations, panel discussions and master classes. Food Ingredients Europe Food Ingredients Europe is the world’s largest food ingredients […]

Seaweed at Food Matters Live

Food Matters Live is the only cross-sector event in the UK that brings together the whole of the food and drink industry, to enable collaboration and innovations to support a sustainable food landscape in the future. Find out more about Seaweed at Food Matters Live below. Food Matters Live It is a free event, that […]

Could you be Iodine Deficient as a result of a Dairy Free Diet?

Dr Craig Rose summarises, why some people could be iodine deficient as a result of a dairy free diet (that is insufficient in iodine), and how seaweed may benefit it. Dairy Free Diets Approximately  three quarters of the world’s population may be dairy intolerant. Some people may choose to consume a dairy free diet as […]

Seaweed Benefits the Normal Growth in Children

Vitamins and minerals are essential to a child’s growth for numerous reasons. If your child is a picky eater, they may not be getting essential nutrients through their food – adding seaweed to their diet could be an easy, and tasty solution. Here Doctor Seaweed® shows how seaweed benefits the normal growth in children. Growth […]

Why Smoked Seaweed Snacks are in!

According to Gil Hyslop, millennial snackers think that the aroma of snacks is essential for the snacking experience. They want new and different flavours with an aroma (like smoked seaweed!). Snackex completed a survey incorporating 1,000 male and female participants from the ages 18-35 on savoury snacks. Consumer insights manager at Snackex, Ciara McCabe said […]

Respecting our Marine Environment: Seaweed Sustainability

SeaBOS A collaboration has been formed between Swedish researchers and some of the biggest fishing companies in the world.  The aim of this collaboration is to connect scientists with businesses and encourages them to share their knowledge. It emphasises a science-business initiative for ocean stewardship, leading to improved business ethos and practice. Named SeaBOS (Seafood […]

How to include Seaweed in your Diet

What is it?…. Seaweed is an algae, and scientifically is referred to as marine macro-algae (that means the big algae that grows in the sea!) In general, seaweed is a highly sustainable resource, as it requires no land, freshwater or fertiliser to grow. Seaweed is possibly the most nutrient-rich superfood out there! In a recent […]

DNA Authenticated Seaweed

During 2013, the Horse Meat scandal led to consumers losing their confidence in meat products, and the honestly of the paper trail. Without analytical, independent authentication of what meat is what, then people and companies can lie; and they did. Therefore, DNA authentication is increasingly used as a method where the results can’t lie, and […]