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Seaweed & Co. has had some incredible media coverage.  See a selection here, in addition to our own seaweed news, thoughts and information blogs written by Dr Craig Rose (and learn more from @DoctorSeaweed).

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Latest news and thoughts from Doctor Seaweed

Seaweed is one of the world’s biggest health food trends 2017

The biggest health food trends of the coming year have been revealed by Symrise, and unsurprisingly seaweed makes the list   By exploring health trends, food habits, global influences and ingredients from all around the world, Symrise has created an elite list of the most influential health food trends and healthy lifestyle trends for the […]

Where do we go to discover new ways to get healthy? Japan!

We all want to find new ways to get healthy. One way is to get inspiration from other cultures. Japan encourages healthy living, so what can we learn from them about different ways to get healthy?   Japan has one of the longest living populations in the world. Doctor Seaweed® is looking for new ways […]

Ancient superfood: form of red algae discovered as oldest plant on Earth

Newly found fossils suggest some plants may be hundreds of millions of years older than was previously estimated, including ancient superfoods like seaweed. Doctor Seaweed® investigates! Ancient superfood: what was discovered? What the scientists discovered were thread-like fossils within fleshy, more complex colonies in sedimentary rock in central India. The fossils suggest that plants which […]

Eat healthy with seaweed

How you can eat healthy with seaweed (without giving up burgers and popcorn!)   We promise, it’s not hard to eat healthy with seaweed. You might think it’ll prevent you indulging in the tasty meals you love… but you’re wrong!   When you eat healthy with seaweed, you’re getting all the benefits of seaweed, and […]

Seaweed & Co.’s Patent Pending Seaweed Ingredients

Seaweed & Co. has developed and invested in innovative and novel techniques and technologies to produce their high-quality and Patent Pending seaweed ingredients (GB1702881.2).   Developing Patent Pending seaweed ingredients has taken world-class expertise and implementation of technologies to produce food grade seaweed ingredients. The innovation of Seaweed & Co. has resulted in our Patent […]

Sainsbury’s Spectacular Seaweed Soup

‘Sea Greens and Grain Broth’ marks an exciting new addition to Sainsbury’ soup range Seaweed Soup? Really? Yes, really! Seaweed soup may sound odd to some, but it’s bang on trend – and for good reason. 2017 is the year that seaweed is in as the number one power plant superfood. This delicious seaweed soup […]

Allergen Free Seaweed Supplied by Seaweed & Co.

It may seem odd that seaweed (clearly from the sea!) could be considered allergen free seaweed.  However, Seaweed & Co. can offer allergen free seaweed within the parameters stated, and which we explain more about here. By its very nature, seaweed comes from the sea, and so the presence of fish and crustaceans in the […]

The Benefits of Seaweed on the TV!

Our very own Dr Craig Rose appeared on the Channel 4 prime time TV show Food Unwrapped to discuss the many benefits of seaweed. The particular benefits of seaweed discussed were seaweed’s use for salt replacement.  The umami properties of seaweeds can boost flavours, and therefore mean less salt is needed when used in the […]

Smoked Seaweed Ingredients – British Spices!

A recent article in The Guardian highlights how Britain’s native plants give some amazing flavours.  One specifically they mention is the incredible pepper dulse – a type of seaweed.  Its intense peppery flavour is really quite spectacular.  However, as a very small growing plant, and found in sporadic patches along the shore, access to this […]

Seaweed Ingredients – Number 1 Trend for 2017

Here at Seaweed & Co., we are absolutely delighted to see our seaweed ingredients recognised as the NUMBER 1 Trend for 2017.  A recent report highlights Plant Power Trends, with Seaweed Ingredients as the number one.  This report features The Food Doctor’s Seasoned Corn and Smoked Seaweed Coated Edamame Bead as the example product (and […]

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