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Seaweed & Co. has had some incredible media coverage.  See a selection here, in addition to our own seaweed news, thoughts and information blogs written by Dr Craig Rose (and learn more from @DoctorSeaweed).

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Latest news and thoughts from Doctor Seaweed

Seaweed for weight loss: Obesity and diabetes at Food Matters Live

Dr Craig Rose will be speaking on seaweed for weight loss at Food Matters Live this November.  The event covers many topics, and with a specific seminar on Obesity and Weight Management in diabetes.  This includes Dr Rose, who will talk on “Seaweed: the ingredient to benefit weight management and tackle diabetes?” Food Matters Live […]

Seaweed Superfood – its official!

Channel 4’s Superfoods programme was aired this week in the UK, and confirmed (what we’ve know all along!) that seaweed is a superfood!! Seaweed superfood is something that has been highlighted many times before.  In this programme the seaweed superfood attributes of weight management and reducing fat absorption were highlighted Presenter Kate Quilton explored the […]

Seaweed Benefits as Inidicator of Climate Change

Devastating kill offs of seaweed off the West Australia Coast are a sign of the challenges we will face with Climate Change.  Seaweed benefits efforts to understand changes as an indicator of rising sea level temperatures. Between 2010 and 2013, large stretches of kelp forests off the western Australian coast were devastated by high sea […]

Health Benefits of Seaweed From…Breathing It In!

A recent study explored the health benefits of seaweed ‘fumes’, and how good they are for us. This two decade study, published in the Irish Medical Journal, explored the health of people around coastal areas as compared to non-coastal.  It found that there are physiological health benefits of seaweed from breathing in the iodine emitted […]

Seaweed During Pregnancy – the Number One Craving!!

We’re deighted to report that seaweed during pregnancy is apparently the number one craving!! This may not be as odd as you think, especially when we explore the sceince and importance of seaweed nutrition during pregnancy and beyond. During pregnancy there are often some pretty bizzare cravings, including mud and coal (apparently!). According to the […]

Why Seaweed is Good for You, Your Skin and Hair?

I am sure you are familiar with an expression ‘beauty inside and out’, and “beauty from within” Well eating seaweed is good for you, for hair and your skin (our seaweed even has an EU Approved Health claim for skin!!). The fact that seaweed is good for you and your health is because it is […]

Seaweed at the House of Lords

Dr Craig Rose, Founder and Managing Director of Seaweed & Co. was honoured with an invited talk on seaweed at the House of Lords. The event on enterprise, was sponsored by Lord Wei of Shoreditch, and was held within the House of Lords, and next to the beautiful terrace overlooking the River Thames and the […]

Iodine Deficiency in the UK – Could Iodine from Seaweed be the answer?

A recent report from the Iodine Global Network states that the UK “now ranks seventh among the ten most iodine-deficient nations in the world, one of only two high income countries on the list.” This is a pretty shocking statement, and we explore here if iodine from seaweed could be the answer? Iodine is an […]

Save Coral Reefs with the Benefits of Seaweed Tourism

Seaweeds are magnificent in so many ways, and we write often about the benefits of seaweed. However, seaweeds should grow where seaweeds are meant to grow. Seaweeds shouldn’t grow where theyre not meant to. It sounds obvious! However, with the influx of nutrients from agriculture and other sources, and rising stresses on coral reefs from […]

Salt, damned lies and statistics!! Just use seaweed for salt replacement

A recent article in Food & Drink Europe discusses the controversial success of salt reduction targets in the UK.  We just want more people to be using seaweed for salt replacement! The UK’s food industry was recently pleased with the success reported from voluntary salt reduction after a government survey shows average salt intake has […]

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