Increasingly industry is requiring better traceability, transparency and authentication of the foods and ingredients being used.
At Seaweed & Co., and with the input of Dr Craig Rose, our expert panel and key collaborators, a highly innovative and proprietary process has been developed to extract and analyse the DNA of our seaweed.  Our experts therefore offer a 100% validation system which ensures our seaweed is exactly what we claim.
Industry First DNA Authentication of Seaweed & Co.'s seaweed supply
DNA identification is well known in crime thrillers, and now its use for food and nutraceutical products is increasing as, when the product is suitable (e.g. a wholefood that has its DNA in tact), the test is extremely valuable as DNA does not lie.
Where DNA is damaged or extracted from a product, then clearly this is not the technique to use for seaweed supply or other product validation.  Initial testing also shows that our seaweed supply retains its DNA integrity, whereas others; due to heavier and more aggressive milling; appear to have significant cell and DNA damage, as well as poorer nutritional measures of key parameters.
DNA analysis is particularly useful when working with natural and wild harvested ingredients such as seaweeds where contamination could be possible from other species, but which should be avoided.  Primarily though is the need to ensure that poorer quality seaweed supplies are not used or blended with our premium material by unscrupulous manufacturers.
Seaweed & Co.’s DNA authentication is part of our wider traceability system, which includes logging and reporting the details of harvesting sites, full range of chemical and nutritional analyses, iodine standardisation, and even down to the name of the harvesters.
Seaweed & Co. has worked with an independent UK-based and UKAS accredited laboratory to develop the DNA analysis.
For more information, please contact Dr Craig Rose, and follow @doctorseaweed to learn more about our seaweed and what we do.